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Ios Island Spa Hotel

Amongst the most beautiful spa hotels in Cyclades, Liostasi Ios Spa Hotel is a haven of serenity and relaxation. Effective spa treatments and beauty treatments help guests unwind and discover inner peace. The magnificent surroundings create an exceptional atmosphere for those seeking a wellness center in the beautiful island of Ios.

All spa therapies from deep cleansing beauty treatments to hot stone massages, are focused on rejuvenating both body and soul.

Therapies and treatments

This Liostasi Spa hotel is considered unique amongst spa hotels in Cyclades, due to the amazing variety of beauty treatments, body therapies and massages. Focused on wellness and relaxation, the spa offers hot stone massages, face and body anti stress beauty treatments and massages and wellness packs and programs specialized on fighting cellulite as well as firming various parts of the body.

A true haven of serenity, Liostasi hotel, promises a spiritual experience that is perfectly combined with the dreamy and romantic atmosphere of the island.

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