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Luxury accommodation in Ios Greece

Refinement and charm characterize the luxury Ios sea view rooms and suites of the fairytale Liostasi hotel. The luxury sea view rooms and suites, renovated in 2012, offer an opulent atmosphere that combines the islands architecture with contemporary accommodations. All around the hotel, guests can sense the tranquility and serenity of the Island while the service provided is of the highest standards.

Ios Sea view rooms

The elegant decoration, the tasteful details and the atmospheric ambience of these luxury Ios sea view rooms create the ideal haven. Guests seeking elegant accommodation in Ios Greece are bound to enjoy their stay in Liostasi. Modern facilities and accommodations combined with the breathtaking views and the wondrous surroundings make the sea view rooms seem like heaven on earth.


Ios island suites

Guests visiting this unique island of Greece will be spell bound by the discreet opulence of our Ios island suites. The exclusive suites of Liostasi Ios Hotel & Spa promise a fairytale vacation filled with amazing views, golden beaches and endless walks around the picturesque island of Greece.

Family accommodation in Ios Greece

Greece is an ideal destination for family holidays and Liostasi luxury sea view rooms and suites create the perfect environment for an unforgettable family vacation.

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