This Cycladic island of natural beauty is bound to equally tantalize us with its awarded-wining delicacies!
Sour cheese and delicious honey are two typical local products worth tasting and bringing home from the island of Ios.

The island has a developed animal husbandry (mostly sheep and cattle) that contributes to the production of dairy products and cheese. One of the well-known cheese in Ios is “Νisiotiko Kefalotiri ”, a hard cheese, salty and spicy, mainly produced of milk from locally raised animals. Another very soft and acid cheese is “Skotiri”, a mixture of “mizithra”, “kefalotiri” and aromatics. 

Other special cheese are “Graviera”, a hard cheese mostly made of cow milk and “Xino”, a soft white cheese with a light sour taste. Last but not least, “Mizithra” is a soft and light cheese, which you will love for its top quality and its delicious taste.
Ios has a developed agriculture and produces mostly thymarisio (thyme) honey that you must taste.
Ios has a wide variety of traditional sweets. 

Standing out among them is “pasteli” made from the local thimarisio honey and sesame a sweet offered at weddings and christening ceremonies, “xerotigana” and “kalasounia”, fried bites made of leaves filled with sweet mizithra, eggs and sugar.

Don't hesitate to taste “amigdalota”, the traditional sweet of Cyclades islands. They are made from skinned almond paste, eggs, sugar and rosewater.

Ios' cuisine is based on olive oil, legumes, vegetables, fish and meat. Try “revithokeftedes”,” tomatokeftedes” and “tsimetia” (filled zucchini’s flowers). 

Other characteristic recipes of the local cuisine are sun-dried fish and the local meats standing out for their flavor.
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