The amorous atmosphere of Liostasi Hotel & Suites in Ios... ideal for those seeking to organize a unique wedding reception or honeymoon in Ios island of Greece. The beautiful surroundings, the romantic vibe and effervescent spirit of the island create the perfect setting for a bachelor party, a dazzling wedding and an unforgettable honeymoon in Ios.

Weddings in the Greek islands are always unique and Liostasi Luxury Boutique Hotel makes wedding planning in Greece seem like a dream come true. Hosting some of the most amazing wedding events in Ios, Liostasi Luxury Boutique Hotel is rightfully regarded as one of the most favorable wedding venues in the Cyclades.

Wedding Planning In Ios Island

Holding your wedding in Greece is an amazing experience. The fairy-tale scenery, the famous hospitality, the unique tastes and the romantic vibe are only a few of the reasons many choose to be wed in one of the Greek islands.

Wedding events in Ios are organized in every detail by the professional wedding planner of Liostasi Hotel & Suites and promise an unforgettable experience that couples will remember for a life time.

The small picturesque church situated within the premises is the ideal place for a romantic wedding and a spectacular reception against the magical backdrop of the Cyclades.
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